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The Past Commanders Club will be a social gathering of past commanders of Post 233. We will always show HONOR and respect to all fellow veterans. As a FELLOWSHIP of elite legion members, we will take PRIDE in the accomplishments at our Post. We will apply our knowledge and know-how in MENTORING new commanders, and act as an Advisory Committee, if needed. We will show SUPPORT of any and all Legion programs that are undertaken by Post 233 membership.
As an elite group of American Legion members, we are proud to be a Past Commander’
  Sonny Kirkwood 2015-2016 Roy Havekost                 2012-2015  Robert 'Robby' Bacom          2011-2012  Steve Willis                          2010-2011  Clen Ward                          2009-2010  Don Mills                          2008-2009  James P. Ross               2007-2008  Richard 'Dick' Salzarulo        2005-2006  Johnny Jones               2004-05, 1990-91 Mark Dorsey 9/3/16              2002-2004  John 'Ski' Kozlowski             1999-2000  Lynn Haslauer              1998-99, 1993-94  Melvin Ard                                   1983-1984  Alton 'Red' Kellow               1981-1982   
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