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POST 233 OFFICERS 2019- 2020
Commander, Caroline Merillat Installation charge: "The Post Commander shall be the Chief Executive of the Post. The Commander will preside at all meetings of the Post and Executive Committee of the Post, and see that all recommend- ations of the Executive Committee are presented to the general membership, a majority vote shall be required for approval. The Commander shall be ex-officio member of all standing committees and have the general powers and duties of supervision. The Commander shall, from time-to-time, make reports covering the business of the Post and make recommendations to the Post. In the absence or incapacity of the Post Finance Officer, the Post Commander shall also be responsible for the maintenance of all Post financial records and the preparation and timely* filing of all required Post income tax returns, and for Post compliance in regard to inspection of the Post financial records by the American Legion Department and National Organization; all taxing authorities; the Post members, and the general public. In the absence or incapacity of the officer appointed or elected to maintain the Post membership records, the Post Commander shall also be responsible for the maintenance of all Post membership records and for Post compliance in regard to inspection of the membership records by American Legion, Department and National Organizations; all taxing authorities; and the Post members."
1st Vice Commander,  Allan Straw
Installation charge: "The First (1st) Vice Commander shall work with the Post Commander in running the Post. The First (1st) Vice Commander shall, in the absence or disability of the Post Commander, perform the duties of the Post Commander until the return of the Commander and the ability of the Commander to resume his/her duties. It is the duty of the First (1st) Vice Commander to be responsible for membership goals."
2nd Vice Commander, Chip Robinson
Installation charge: "The Second Vice Commander shall be responsible for all kitchen functions and related entertainment activities. He/she shall perform other duties as may be assigned by the Post Commander."
3rd Vice Commander, Ted Veber
Installation charge: "The Third (3rd) Vice Commander shall perform such duties as may be assigned to him/her by the Post Commander and shall work with the First (1st) Vice Commander in securing membership."
Adjutant, Ted Veber
Installation charge: "The Adjutant shall be the Secretary of the Post and shall attend all meetings of the Executive Committee and of the Post and record all votes and minutes of all proceedings in a book to be kept at the Post for this purpose. The Adjutant shall also keep such records as the Department and National organization may require, and perform such other duties as may be directed by the Post Commander."
Sergeant at Arms, Kevin Terranella Installation charge: "The Sergeant-at-Arms shall preserve order during the meetings of the Post and perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the Post Commander."
Chaplain, Jerry Boland
Installation charge: "The Chaplain shall perform such divine and non-sectarian services as may be necessary, adhering to such ceremonial rituals as may be recommended by the National Headquarters of THE AMERICAN LEGION. He is responsible for contacting the sick, disabled and indigent members of the Post."
Historian, vacant
Installation charge: "The Historian shall collect, from year-to-year, all records and data of value and interest concerning the activities of the Post"
Finance Officer, Jason Odom
Installation charge: "The Finance Officer shall have charge of all Post finances and see that they are safely deposited in some bank or banks approved by the Executive Committee, shall keep complete records of the receipt and disbursements of Post monies, shall insure all monthly bills are paid in a timely fashion and shall have all financial reports ready, at all times for inspection by the Post Commander, the Executive Committee, and all Federal and State taxing authorities. The Finance Officer shall prepare a fiscal year budget in writing and will present same to Commander and Executive Committee within sixty (60) days of taking office. The Finance Officer shall present in writing a financial report accompanied by receipts to the Executive Committee at monthly meetings. There shall be three (3) officers authorized to sign checks for the disbursement of monies. These officers shall be the Post Commander, Finance Officer, and the Adjutant. If the Adjutant and Finance Officer are one and the same, the other officer is to be designated by the Post Commander and Executive Committee. It shall require the signature of any one of the three (3)  persons authorized to sign checks for the disbursement of monies of the Post. A proposed monthly budget report showing all expenditures shall be presented to the Executive Committee and Commander at each monthly meeting. The Finance Officer shall retain all financial records in the Post and shall make such records available to the State and National American Legion organizations, all Federal and State taxing authorities, and all members of the general public who request inspection of such financial records. In addition, the Finance Officer shall be responsible for the preparation and timely filing if all income tax returns required by Federal and State taxing authorities."
Judge Advocate, Roy Havekost (PC 2012-15)
Installation charge: "The Judge Advocate shall be the Legal Officer of the Post and shall advise the Officers and Executive Committee upon all legal questions that shall arise."
Executive Committee:  Jeff Tupper, Bill Etheredge, Mike Williams, Dave Boyd,  Tom Gugluizza, and PCC Rep. Roy Havekost
Installation charge: "The administrative affairs of Palm Valley Post 233 shall be under the supervision of the Executive Committee, who shall serve as the corporate directors. This Executive Committee shall consist of all current Post officers, five (5) elected members, and one past commander, elected by the Past Commanders Club. The Committee shall meet at least once a month at the call of the Commander and as often as the Commander shall deem necessary. The Commander may also call a special Executive Committee meeting upon notification of twenty-four (24) hours notice to members by personal contact. The Commander may also call a special meeting upon receipt of a written request of three (3) or more members of the Executive Committee. The term or office of the Executive Committee shall be for one (1) year. The Commander shall have the option of designating a past commander or conducting the Executive Meeting himself.."
4th Vice Commander, Conrad Esposito
Installation charge: "The Fourth (4th) Vice Commander shall work with the Second (2nd) Vice Commander in kitchen functions and related entertainment activities. He/she shall perform such other duties as may be assigned to him/her by the Post Commander."
Service Officer, vacant                       
Installation charge: The service officer shall advise the members of the Post as to the problems concerning veterans rights, benefits and affairs.
Auxiliary Unit 233 President Katie Workman  1st Vice President Kathy Church 2nd Vice President vacant Treasurer Judy Nagel Secretary Linda Williams Chaplain Ann Cook SAA Betty Bacom Historian Miriam McAfee Exec.Board Sylvia Bass Exec.Board Brenda Cowgill Exec.Board Patty Williams
SAL Squadron 233 Commander Mike Shaar 1st Vice Cdr. Todd Kleven 2nd Vice Cdr. vacant Adjutant Sonny Kirkwood Finance Howard Sheble SAA Danny Cowgill Chaplain vacant Historian Bob McAfee
ALR Chapter 233 Director  Linsey ‘FIC’ Ritch Asst. Director Johnnie ‘JT’ Tarrant Ride Captain Kennith ‘Yow’ Yow Safety Officer Chris ‘Chaos’ Connelly Secrty. Danielle ‘HM’ Demetres Treas. Christine Smith Blegen SAA Matt ‘Blocker’ Thomas Chaplain Greg Starks Historian Robby‘Troll’ Bacom Membership Phillip ‘Monkey’ Leverage Quarter Master Kathleen ‘Mac’ McInerney